Oleg Evdakov

Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Oleg Evdakov



research interests

  • Hydrology
  • GIS
  • Databases
  • Web based (Geo)Information Systems
  • Integration of hydrologic, hydraulic, and other environmental models with GIS
  • (Geo)Information technologies in flood modelling, flood forecast, and risk analysis


  • GIS and Database tools (based on open source software) to manage hydrological models
  • GIS-based tool for risk analysis in flood management
  • Spatial and hydrological analysis of Sulm catchment
  • Volga-Rhine Project
  • Morphodynamics of River Elbe
  • Tools to define flooded areas using GIS and Hydrodynamic model
  • GIS Tools to define flooded areas Spatial Data Link and Analysis Module (SDLA-module, Master Thesis)